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The series of public meetings to gather information about the parish community's wishes for the Neighbourhood Plan came to end in April.  The task now is for the draft plan to be finalised and approved by the Parish Council. There will then be a public meeting on Saturday 4 July in the Village Hall and an exhibition at the Village Show two weeks later during the period of statutory public consultation that will run until 31 August 2015. 

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History of the plan development


Following an initial meeting on 30 July 2013 to discuss Horsham District Council's draft Strategic Plan for future development a group of volunteers comprising residents and Parish Councillors formed the West Chiltington Neighbourhood Plan Council to develop the Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of the Parish Council which is the body that is legally competent to submit a Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan is for the local community to determine where future development in its area will go and once the plan is approved it forms part of the legal considerations that Horsham Distinct Council has to take into account in determining planning applications relating to the area. The Neighbourhood Plan will not give us the right to resist development altogether since it has to be in general conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework and the Horsham District Council Planning Framework both of which are aimed at increasing the stock of homes as a matter of policy but it would allow us a significant measure of influence over the location, number and type of new homes that will be permitted. Without such a Plan, we may be subject to speculative planning applications which would be difficult to resist.

Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared it has to be published and subject to consultation throughout the Parish and with a number of statutory bodies, following which it is submitted to a planning inspector for review and when approved it will be subject to a village referendum. If approved by a majority of parishioners it is “made” by Horsham District Council and then becomes part of planning law. 


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 More information about Neighbourhood Plans can be found here

 The Link to the Horsham planning policy is available here

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